As technology marches on, quite a few eye tracking devices have been introduced to the market. More people are benefitting from eye tracking technology whether they are living with paralysis or debilitating diseases. However, if you are seeking an advanced eye tracking device that is user-friendly, we think you should consider our Eyegaze Edge®. 

Read on for six reasons we think this is the technology for you.

Eye Gaze

1. We provide friendly and expert teaching: Our trained representatives will get you up-to-speed on your new Eyegaze Edge® in no time. We will personalize a training program suited to your individual needs including hands-on practice, written instructions, and short videos to take you from basic to advanced user in no time.

2. We’re here for you: If you ever need technical support, we are easy and reliable to contact. From weekdays to holidays, you will be able to reach someone on our team to provide you with friendly support and keep you communicating.

3. Our camera is state-of-the-art: The Eyegaze Edge® is an engineering masterpiece that features a low-fatigue, high-accuracy eye tracker. You can be positioned in comfort while pointing our camera toward your eye to start automatic calibration.

4. We offer powerful computing: Lots of people work using our Eyegaze Edge® every day. If you need a powerful computer, you’ll be impressed by our faster processing speed, higher screen resolution, bigger storage options, and better wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity than the competition. And, 16 books have been published using the Eyegaze Edge®!

5. You don’t need 20/20 vision: Even if you wear thick glasses, you won’t have a problem with the Eyegaze Edge®. It can also accommodate droopy eyelids, nystagmus, mydriasis, strabismus, or eyes that have had cataracts removed.

6. You get easy access to favorite platforms: If you enjoy keeping up with family and friends on Facebook, then the Eyegaze Edge® is the device for you. Our intuitive web browser keeps you connected to your social network. The Eyegaze Edge® is also highly compatible with Amazon, Ebay and Netflix. Clicking and scrolling is noticeably easier than with other devices.

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Story by Pete Norloff

Originally published by EyeGaze

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