Lipreading is a preferred method of communication for many hard-of-hearing or deaf people.

Now with the increased use of face masks, lipreading has become almost impossible for some trying to access healthcare or even to communicate at the supermarket.

Ubiduo 2

UbiDuo2 Helps Bridge Deaf and Hearing Anytime, Anywhere!

Ready within seconds when interpreters aren’t there.
-Empowers 24/7/365 face-to-face interaction everywhere.
-Gives a real-time, natural flow of face-to-face communication.
-Can be taken everywhere, no Wi-Fi or mobile reception required!

UbiDuo 2 Wireless helps the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communicate with each other. Read more

Benefits and Features of the UBI DUO 2

Unlike texting, instant messaging or email, there is no “type, send, and wait”. The UbiDuo2 not only turns on instantly, both parties can immediately begin typing in the split screen chat format.

Anyone can learn to use the UbiDuo2 within minutes of being shown how. Read blog

Ubiduo 2

Features and Benefits:
Easy to carry into any environment
Battery lasts 12 hours
No contact details required before use
Has a dedicated and encrypted wireless radio signal
A full-size keyboard and a 7” touch screen
Text adjustable for those with limited vision

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Available through NDIS for approved participants!