Prince Nila Discovers a New Kingdom: The Birth of a Lion City

Prince Nila Discovers a New Kingdom: The Birth of a Lion City


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a growing field not only in entertainment, but also in education. Augmented Reality books are one subset of that field which offer a huge range of opportunities for students and educators. The origin of the word augmented is augment, which means to add or enhance something. In the case of Augmented Reality graphics, sounds, and touch feedback are added into our natural world to create an enhanced user experience.


What are AR Books?

AR books merge traditional text with digital content using technology like a smartphone or gaming console and an App which plays video, creates models from content, or allows for interaction with the text. They also allow for students with Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder or other special needs to have a more meaningful learning experience with increased engagement and understanding. Special needs students also can manipulate objects and words throughout a lesson at their own pace.


How do AR Books work?

Augmented Reality uses technology to superimpose information — sounds, images and text — onto the world we see. AR Books are physical or digital copies of traditional books, both text and illustrations, that are then linked to additional, non-traditional content through technology. When a device with a display screen and a camera (such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam) is pointed at a page in the traditional book for which additional content has been created, an App installed ‘reads’ the page and displays that content on the device. This content could be as simple as another picture or video file or an audio clip, or as complex as an animated sequence or even a game or activity associated with the traditional media.


Uncover the hidden features in Prince Nila Discovers a New Kingdom!

Nurture children’s interest in learning with this wonderful Augmented Reality storybook about how Singapore was discovered by its legendary founder. See the story lift off the page and into your student’s imaginations as they use a smartphone to discover where all the hidden augmented features are embedded.


Prince Nila Discovers a New Kingdom: The Birth of the Lion City



Find out:

Will Prince Nila survive the terrible storm?

How can he calm the raging, furious ocean?

Will they ever get to relax and swim on the beautiful white sands of Temasek beach?



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