In the journey of early childhood education, play is not merely an option; it is the cornerstone upon which all learning is built.

Where curriculum standards and academic milestones often take centre stage, it’s easy to overlook the fundamental importance of play. Yet, beneath the surface of seemingly simple activities lies a rich tapestry of learning, development, and joy. As early years providers, it’s crucial to understand and champion the vital role that play holds in nurturing young minds and hearts.

Little Stove & Oven

A compact and portable wooden kitchen set with endless role play activities. There are 2 hob rings plus an oven with temperature and timer controls. Cooking pots and cookies are included in the set. Encourages role play and imagination while developing fine motor skills and self discovery.

The Power of Play

Play is the language of childhood. It is how children make sense of the world around them, express their thoughts and feelings, and experiment with new ideas. Whether it’s building with blocks, engaging in imaginative role-play, or exploring the natural world, every moment of play is an opportunity for growth and discovery.

In the early years, play takes on an even greater significance. At this stage of development, children are rapidly expanding their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical capacities. Play provides a safe and supportive environment for them to practise and refine these skills.


Learning Through Play

Contrary to popular belief, play is not simply a frivolous pastime; it is a dynamic process through which children actively construct knowledge and understanding. Consider, for example, a group of children engaged in a cooperative building project. As they work together to design and construct their creation, they are developing skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. They are also honing their spatial awareness, mathematical concepts, and fine motor skills.

Similarly, dramatic play offers children the opportunity to explore different roles, perspectives, and scenarios. As they step into the shoes of firefighters, doctors, or astronauts, they are not only exercising their imaginations but also building empathy, creativity, and narrative skills.

Handy Doctor Set

The Handy Doctor set from Wonderworld includes stethoscope, squeaky blood pressure gauge, pretend flash light, thermometer, syringe, knee hammer and a light soft travel bag. Consisting of mostly sustainable Rubber wood products with non-toxic finishes, this great medical role play kit is bound to be every child’s favourite.

The Role of the Adult

Creating rich and stimulating environments that invite exploration and discovery offers the ability to observe and listen attentively to children’s play. By tuning into their interests, ideas, and interactions, valuable insights can be gained into their individual strengths and areas for growth. This, in turn, enables educators to scaffold their learning experiences, providing just the right amount of support and challenge to foster their development.

Advocating for Play

In a society that often prioritises academic achievement and structured activities, it can be tempting to succumb to pressure to “teach” rather than allow children the freedom to play. However, research consistently shows that play is not only essential for children’s wellbeing but also lays the foundation for future success in school and beyond.

Whether through parent workshops, professional development opportunities, or community outreach initiatives, early years providers can play a pivotal role in helping raise awareness of the critical role that ‘play’ plays in shaping healthy, happy, and resilient individuals.


Wooden International Food Set

These quality food sets are made from eco-friendly, sustainable Rubberwood and painted only using non-toxic finishes. Each set comes in a handy wooden storage box which doubles as the appropriate cooking surface on the lid matching the culture. A picture board is also provided detailing the food and utensils per set.

Remember that we can help you to create a play space and it can be as simple as a corner of a room with a few well-chosen toys or a backyard with a swing set. The key is to create an environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and learning through play.

The Brainary’s Early Years range of products offers a diverse and exciting set of resources to engage and educate young minds. These innovative products provide valuable tools for fostering creativity, confidence, sensory exploration, eco-consciousness, and early literacy in children.

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