Mayor Liz Pattison (Surf Coast Shire Council) with Hugh Kingsley and Madison Old (The Brainary)

Last week, we had the honour of presenting our Arckit Sustainability Studio Workshops in collaboration with Geelong Regional Libraries. This initiative, supported by the Surf Coast Shire’s Climate Emergency Grants, aims to address climate change at the local level, fostering a thriving community and environment. We are proud to share that our project was one of the selected initiatives and awarded a $10,000 grant to support climate action.

Want to know more about Arckit Sustainability Studio Workshops?

The Arckit Sustainability Studio goes beyond traditional education by immersing participants in a practical experience that not only teaches sustainable architecture but also inspires them to apply these principles in their daily lives and communities. This session is not just about learning; it’s about inspiring real change and empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.

Why Arckit?

Arckit is a revolutionary architectural model-building tool that transforms ideas into tangible, physical models. Users of all ages will be able to explore the world of architecture without the need for complicated equipment or training. Its simplicity and adaptability make it perfect for learning about sustainable design practices in a hands-on, engaging manner. Arckit empowers participants to visualise and build models of environmentally safe communities, fostering a deep understanding of how sustainable practices can be realistically implemented.

Our Project Gained Recognition in Local Media Highlights

Surf Coast Times 

In an article titled “Climate Emergency Grants Pitch Fest,” Angus Smith highlighted our project as one of the standout initiatives. The event, held on World Environment Day, showcased three projects aimed at addressing the climate emergency and benefiting the community. Our Arckit Sustainability Studio project was lauded for its hands-on educational approach, using the Arckit architectural model building kit to teach sustainable living and climate change mitigation. The workshops are designed to engage local schools, community groups, First Nations people, and NDIS participants, equipping them with the skills to reduce their carbon footprint and propose actionable climate solutions.

Mirage News 

Also covered the Pitch Fest celebrations, emphasising the impact of the Climate Emergency Grants. Mayor Liz Pattison announced the successful projects, including our Arckit Sustainability Studio. The article praised the workshop for its dynamic, hands-on educational experience, where participants learn to promote sustainable living and address climate change through architectural modelling. This initiative was recognised for its potential to inspire tangible actions within the community, contributing to a greener future.

Want to know more about Arckit Kits?

Whether you teach primary or secondary students, we have you covered! Our Arckit Edu Bundles support up to 24 students, and come complete with a library of lesson plans to help get you started.

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

At The Brainary, we are committed to promoting sustainability through innovative educational programs. The Arckit Sustainability Studio Workshops are dedicated to addressing climate change and empowering our community with the knowledge and tools needed for a sustainable future with hands-on exploration of sustainable architecture catering to various age groups and educational needs. 

The Brainary’s Arckit Sustainability Studio Workshops are more than just educational sessions; they are a step towards a greener, more sustainable future. By participating in these workshops, you are not only learning about sustainable living but also contributing to a community-wide effort to combat climate change. We believe that through education and community engagement, we can make a significant impact on our environment. Let’s work together to create a thriving, environmentally conscious community

Get Involved 

We invite you to book an Arckit Sustainability Studio workshop and experience firsthand the benefits of sustainable architectural education. For those interested in running their own workshops, we also offer an Arckit bundle, perfect for Schools, libraries and community centres looking to enhance their sustainability programs.