Skoogmusic offers free access to webinars covering a range of topics from “Tips and tricks for using Skoog” to “Music as easy as colouring is” or “Music technology to support music therapy”! There is so much you can do, explore and play with Skoog. From jamming along with tracks in iTunes, to driving and controlling robots, or even flying a drone! The ability to learn how to code in Swift Playground enables children to not only use technology but to see it come to life right before their eyes.

Tips and tricks for using Skoog

When technology connects with creativity, incredible ideas come to life. Dr. Ben Schogler, founder and creator of Skoog takes you on a journey exploring everything you need to know about Skoog and how to use with the Skoogmusic App on iPad. Find out how to connect your Skoog, changes notes and instruments and even how to use your Skoog with GarageBand and other MIDI compatible Apps – plus more! This webinar is designed for Skoog owners, but even if you don’t own a Skoog yet, you can still join the webinar to learn how you could be rocking out with Skoog in no time.

Music as Easy as Coloring 2020 – With guest Jessica Kellem (Special Education Consultant)

Very often, parents and teachers ask “how can making music be made easier?” Today we’re pulling back the curtain! Music is as EASY as coloring, especially using the Skoog. This 30 min webinar welcomed Jessica Kellem (Special Education Consultant) and Dr. Ben Schogler (Creator of Skoog) to discuss just how easy it is to start children of all levels creating music in the classroom and beyond.

Skoog – Technology to Support Music Therapy

This Webinar will focus on 3 practical applications of Skoog in Music Therapy that cover a diverse range of needs. From youngsters and those with profound physical and sensory challenges to more able teens and older clients. – Sensory sounds, interaction and play. – Quick and easy co-improvisation. The power of pentatonics. – Playlists, making it personal. Playing with tracks from a media library or streaming service.

Skoog and Swift Playgrounds webinar. Play, Code, Drive.

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