Forging brilliant tools for a brighter future!


Last week in chilly London Hugh and Emma visited MiRo-E at BETT 2019, Europe’s largest education technology show. The focus was on how the advances in technology can be harnessed effectively in education along with a partnership approach between educators and innovators. All to ensure they worked together to forge brilliant tools for a brighter future for all children.


Technology is an enabler and an enhancer

As part of the global community for educators the advanced AI robot MiRo-E was launched to assist students learn coding and reach their future potential.

There is a lot of emphasis today on teaching children to program – some are even calling it the new Latin, except that coding is probably a bit more useful. Coding is all very well, but without something physical to apply it to, it can remain a little abstract. Once children have learned the basics of coding they can produce programs to control a robot – these programs can be thought of as new behaviours or skills for the robot.”

Sebastian Conran, Co-founder of Consequential Robotics, MiRo-E.


Education technology trends at BETT 2019

The world is becoming digital, and the role of teachers in preparing their students for a life of rapid change has never been more complex or important. With new technologies impacting our lives, young people need to enter the workforce with the skills to be a lifelong learner.



Highlights and innovative trends at BETT 2019 included:


  • More virtual and augmented reality experiences where teachers can create their own content.
  • New in-built augmented reality and 3D software.
  • STEM technologies for teachers to write code, create in 3D, build sensors and experience a mixed reality.
  • How Artificial Intelligence in education uses conversational interfaces, nudge tech (timely personalised interaction) and digital assessment in the classroom.


Overall it was a fantastic experience and The Brainary will continue to enable all educators and learners to thrive with innovative technologies!



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