MiRo-E and Jordan impressed crowds when they joined educators at uLearn to connect, collaborate, and innovate. 

MiRo-E was the star attraction and such a big hit he had to be taught not to wander off! To keep MiRo-E active Jordan took him for walks around the conference where he received many pats and cuddles from educators interested in MiRo-E’s coding and educational programming interface.

While there our robotics specialist, Jordan, ran the successful breakout session…

Meet MiRo: An animal-like companion robot with a biomimetic brain-based control system

The session included learning to command MiRo to move, wag its tail, move its ears, speak and interact, all with simple drag and drop programming blocks on the computer. Educators began by programming a virtual MiRo then watched the real one come to life.

MiRo, a robotic animal you can love and love you back, will enhance educational outcomes by engaging students and teachers of all ages in a new and unique way you will not forget. MiRo can also assist students with special needs.

For information on how MiRo can benefit your school’s STEM program please contact us.

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