KUBO Map Maker is an inspirational new tool that allows you to bring KUBO into just about any topic. You can create your own maps or browse through the large selection of maps and lesson ideas produced by other users. It’s really easy to use and takes very little time to make your own unique teaching resources.

Here are some of the maps that are already there…

Your students might be studying space. This map would allow you to include some Math and Computer Science in the topic. Students could measure the distance travelled and describe the location of the destination using coordinates. The activity gives students the opportunity to refine their programs using loops and subroutines. You could even add a little Art, Design and Technology by getting your students to make an autonaut suit or even a spaceship costume for KUBO!

How about inspiring creative stories. In this map the princess has been captured by the very scary alien. Rescue the princess without getting caught and write a story about your journey.

This map is a nice way of bringing coding and letter recognition together for Kindergarten or Early Years children.

Can they program KUBO to go from the letter to the matching picture. A really nice activity to consolidate learning.

There are seasonal ideas too. This map was included in one of our Inspirational activities, working out the shortest ‘Trick or Treat’ route for KUBO.

Include Math by getting students to record the distance using the number of squares. You can even add a little competition by seeing who can program the shortest route.