And the winners are ….

Primary School category – Bialik College


Secondary School category – Genazzano College


The Melbourne section of this year’s ‘Everybody Dance NAO’ robot dancing competition all started in August with 30 students signing up to participate in the NAO dance-off contest. This annual contest culminated in a grand robot-dancing finale at the Robotica Festival held at Science Works this weekend. All the entrants made a wonderful effort with Bialik College not only programming their NAO to dance but also writing the music NAO danced to. While Genazzano College did a fantastic mash-up of music medleys, ranging from rock to pop.

And through it all NAO shone, performing in front the students, teachers, families and enthusiastic robot fans – all there to join in on the fun and excitement of the Robotica Festival.


Established in 2015, ‘Everybody Dance NAO’ is a free programming competition designed to give students access to the latest robotics’ software and technology. Students and their teachers get to join the experts from The Brainary to learn coding, using the advanced humanoid robot NAO.

We’d like to thank our partners DLTV (Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria) & Science Works for supporting this event.


And a warm thanks to all the teachers and parents for their support, and especially for getting up early on a Sunday morning!