MiRo-E’s emotionally engaging friendly pet-like appearance stands out from other educational robots!


MiRo-E is an advanced AI robot adapted for education with robust hardware and a specialised programming interface to facilitate coding. MiRo-E is an emotionally engaging biomimetic robot companion optimised for use in learning coding, education, research and therapy. A highly featured platform with the versatility to aid students in learning the basics of programming all the way through to advanced users producing practical applications.





MiRo-E has been reengineered for STEM education in the classroom, incorporating a Raspberry Pi 3B+. It is user serviceable and includes the new simple browser-based programming system called the MIRo Educational Interface {MEI}.





Why is MiRo-E right for the classroom?

MiRo-E has been designed for any classroom, including SEN and student emotional care. It can be used from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5, and in various subjects to provide a multi-level learning experience. Example modules help guide educators to develop learning materials and encourage team working.


With eleven degrees of freedom, a wide array of over 30 sensors and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity, MiRo-E provides unparalleled interaction with people and its environment. The user-friendly interface gives students a unique workspace to follow a curriculum, or to develop their own code using a mix of established text and block-based programming languages. Code can be developed and tested on a simulated MiRo, and then run on the physical robot. This means that a whole class of students can develop their own behaviours with just a few MiRo-E robots.


MiRo-E’s emotionally engaging friendly pet-like appearance stands out from other educational robots, and immediately stimulates student’s imaginations. They learn how to code by implementing their creative ideas through MiRo-E’s highly featured platform.


MiRo-E can also be used in the study of animal behaviour, or of companion robotics, as well as in STEM education.


The coding possibilities are endless!


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