IT Futures Conference Expo

On August 9th Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School hosted their annual IT Futures Conference Expo to over 100 enthusiastic students and staff. The conference was designed specifically to inspire students to consider a career pathway in Information Technology and this year The Brainary was warmly invited to bring along MiRo – the social dog robot and NAO – the humanoid robot. As part of the presentation NAO was programmed to answer a set of questions, which the students asked as they gathered around to see our new robotic dog, MiRo. Students also engaged in a more tactile way with MiRo, exclaiming how cute he was and how adorable MiRo looked when they patted him – and how his eyes closed like a real dog in response! 

The event was an invaluable experience for many students who had various questions about pursuing a career in IT. One keen student even stayed back to ask advice from our technology expert, Mark, on how to pursue a career in robotics, which Mark was happy to give sound advice on, being a robotics specialist himself. All in all, it was a pleasure to participate in such an innovative and educational event, which supports students’ choices for careers in digital technologies and robotics.