When creating a timeline for Nao you can Add Behaviour Layers to your animation that you create. A Behaviour layer allows you to synchronise Box Based actions you find in the box library like speech, LED’s, sound etc to the actions in your timeline.

If you have Synchronised music to your animation for a dance you have probably done this before, the following image shows a behaviour layer called music which at KeyFrame 1 (the start of the animation) The Play Sound Box will run.  


But we can add an extra layer to this and add extra KeyFrames which will synchronise the LED’s or some speech to the robots actions.

To add an extra layer click the plus (+) sign on Behaviour Layers.


You can then Rename this layer to whatever you like, but logical names are always best.


We now have an extra layer we can use to synchronise other aspects of the robot.

Right Click at the point in time you would like to have the event start and select “Insert KeyFrame”.



This will create a KeyFrame. Using the workspace below you can add boxes to this KeyFrame.


This Says at KeyFrame 49, run the Say Box.

Adding these layers is an excellent way to add more to your animations. It is also an excellent way to make your programs Real Time.