Building programs for NAO on the Virtual Robot within Choregraphe is a great way to experiment without access to a physical robot and is the main methodology used in the Everybody Dance NAO competition.

But for this to work effectively you need to be able to hear the Music to get your dance moves in sync. This troubleshooting guide should help get it working if you are not hearing anything.


Getting Setup

Step 1: Get your music

Choose your song and ensure it is in the correct format. The Virtual Robot will only play .WAV and .OGG file types; .WAV is recommended however.

Step 2: Edit and Name

If you only intend to use 30 seconds of a 3 minute song it is best to trim it down to only the section you require. This is to minimise the file size and your load times for your program. It is best to do this with Audacity or other music editing programs like Garage Band. When this is complete ensure to export your file as a .WAV and create a file name with NO SPACES.

Step 3: Play in Choregraphe

In Choregraphe create a Play Sound Box found in Audio/ Sound/Play Sound. Connect this to your program and click the Spanner in its lower left corner. Then select the file selector next to file name and within the now open dialog click the plus (+) icon in the top right and select Import Files. Find your music file and select it. Once imported select your file from the Parameter Selection List and click OK.

Step 4: Play the file

Run your program and check for sound. Ensure your computers volume is turned up and that other computer sounds work. If it does not work please consult the list below for a solution.


Troubleshooting Steps

File Format

Ensure the file is a .WAV file the file name should be filename.wav, if it is not please convert to .wav using an online converter or music editing program.

File Name

Ensure there are no spaces in the file name, you can shorten it or use a programming case convention like camelCase (new word is capitalised) or snake_case (underscores separate words).