Engaging Storyboard Sequencing Comic Videos!


In the last two months Ginger Tiger has been working vigorously, on a series of new storyboard comic videos, targeting sequencing practice.


They are happy to announce they have uploaded 5 fun new storyboards, that will give you hours of fun and laughter. 


Please try these demo videos:


The Bath

The Bath

At the Beach

At the beach

The Birthday


The Cake

The Cake

The Car

The Car

The main storyboard videos features:


1 – The videos are segmented and should be watched with breaks/stops.

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Every click will resume the video in a logical sequence. At every break/stop a discussion may be encouraged about one’s understanding of the sequence of events, reasoning and the predictions of events.


This may raise questions like:

What happened before

What is happening now?

What do you think will happen next?

Do you have other thoughts on what may happen and why?


2 – The video does not have spoken text, but rather vocal effects and intonations, in order to allow the user to tell the story in their own words.

This should encourage questions such as:

what do you think she is saying to her?

What would you say?

3 – Frames from the animated storyboards are to be arranged according to the sequence of events in the movie.
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Once the pictures have been organized in the correct sequence the full video will be screened continuously – from beginning to end.

Most of the videos are humoristic.

We try to practice and develop a sense of humour in the storyboards.

We hope you enjoy and smile like us when playing the game.

The games support all access devices including touch screen, Eyegaze Eye-Tracking Device, mouse, one switch or two switches, and of course iPad, Android and other tablets.



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