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While attending the 2019 Queensland Association of Special Education Leaders conference at the Brisbane Hilton, our technology specialist, Sam Kingsley, gave this insightful interview on the impact technology is having on education, mental health, people with disabilities and overall wellbeing.

‘If you think that robots that look like toys, are really just toys; then you might like to think again. Or if your school is considering investing in robots as part of a STEM program…well, the potential is mind blowing. My guest today is Sam Kingsley, from The Brainary which develops and supplies a variety of educational technologies that go far beyond what you might simply describe as… a toy. What I thought was going to be a conversation mainly around the social robot dog called MiRo, turned out to be much more, including humanoids, androids, assistive technologies, programming… and how those things impact things like wellbeing, mental health, people living with autism, educational outcomes, and even aged care.’ Read more

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