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Children with autism can suffer from different kinds of unusual sensory feelings. These feelings can become quite frustrating and uncomfortable for them.

Calming Clothing, is a specially designed garment that will help to provide a sense of “calm” and allow your child to be more comfortable both during the day and in the evening for sleep time. 

Does your child suffer from ..

High Engine Speed
Impulse Control
Sensory Seeking
Sleep Disorders
Limited Eye Contact
Low Muscle Tone

Does your child need help with ..
Understanding where the body is in space

Annelise when awake has non stop movement, in the Calming Clothing she can relax in a bean bag and watch an entire 90 minute movie. So yes, I believe your clothing has had an effect on my Rett girl.”

— Donna, Calming Clothing for Kids customer


Calming Clothing has been designed specifically for children with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), Autism and Rett syndrome. It is a therapeutic garment using Patented Technology.

Finding clothing for children with SPD can be a challenge. There are many factors that may cause discomfort including; itchy tags, harsh materials, and exposed seams.

Calming Clothing originated out of a mother’s experience. Research has shown that deep touch pressure has been used to calm children with autistic disorders.

When your child is wearing this clothing they will exhibit improved physical awareness and interpersonal communications.

The garments are designed to fit your child snuggly, though not tight. This will provide them with a feeling of security and body awareness, which in turn creates a calming effect

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Seams and tags are sewn to the outside

Calming Clothing Company

What are the benefits?

The clothes are therapeutic and designed using patented technology.

Made from easy-care premium quality combed cotton and Lycra blend, this specialized fabric applies firm (but not constricting) pressure to the wearer.

The cotton is soft, breathable and absorbs moisture for comfort.

All tags and seams are sewn to the outside to stop any rubbing/itching feeling.

The design is based on the theory of deep touch pressure (well documented to have a positive and calming effect on people with sensory processing disorders).

With a discreet appearance, the range can be worn as an undergarment or as casual wear.

Gentle machine washable.

It has a discreet appearance and can be worn as an undergarment or casual wear.

The clothing will help to calm your child.

Calming Clothing can be worn underneath clothes or as casual wear

Calming Clothing Company

Products include:

Long Sleeved Top

We encourage Occupational Therapists to look at Calming Clothing as an aid in a well-rounded therapy program.
It has been observed by Occupational Therapists to have a positive, calming and centering effect on children who experience Sensory Processing Disorder.

My other family received their shirts, thank you. That was their second order, they have had wonderful success with the clothing. Their little fellow refuses to go to school without them on under his school uniform. [Teachers at] the school notice the difference in his behaviour when he isn’t wearing them!

— Terri Ahrens, Occupational Therapist

Calming Clothing

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Dr Temple Grandin’s Research Inspires Calming Clothing Company

Have you ever wondered why some children flap their hands while experiencing sensory overload?