The Gippsland Tech School is a high-tech learning environment, with innovative education programs linked with local industry delivering real world learning to students. Students from eighteen participating schools in Gippsland are able to access the Tech School throughout the year for specialised programs.

For the past two terms the focus for the Tech School’s program has been based around space technology.

Space inspires a sense of wonder and curiosity in people and as technologies advance in space exploration, the learnings have allowed us to know more about what lies beyond Earth than ever before. Space-based technology already supports many aspects of our daily lives including communications, weather forecasts and GPS to name a few.

Gippsland Tech School have been working with students and Kai’s Clan Robotics to explore collaborative coding with artificial intelligence bringing the experience to life. The program makes space the platform to explore STEAM related topics and allow students to experience technologies being used in space exploration and research.

Students have the opportunity to experience virtual space environments to learn about the unique position of Earth in the solar system and consider the use of mixed realities in learning about Space and training astronauts. Students are encouraged work together to code robots to navigate through a Mars simulation and design a habitat to consider the needs of humans living in space for long periods.

The Gippsland Tech School plays an important role in supporting schools in Gippsland to connect with new technology, careers and STEM education connected to school curriculum. This program is an invaluable learning experience for the students and will expose them to careers opportunities in Space Science and plant the seed for a future career in STEM as technology continues to grow and skillsets in these areas become an ever-increasing
requirement for our future generations.

Paul Boys

Director of Gippsland Tech School
Paul holds a Master of Business, Master of Professional Education and Training, Bachelor of Social Science (Hons), and Diploma of VET Practice. Paul is also a Churchill Fellow and holds an ISS Fellowship.

He specialises in Humanities, Social Science, Economics, and Politics and aims to support young people to experience a variety of programs to help them develop their passion for learning.

He draws inspiration from the people around him and seeing teachers share their passions with students.