RoboDay at Wagga Wagga City Library!

As part of the 2018 Riverina Science Festival, August 11-19, the Wagga Wagga City Library hosted RoboDay – an innovative event that exposes children and their families to all sorts of robotics and technology. It was a great opportunity for everyone involved to interact with digital technologies and attend coding workshops. 

Our technology experts ran several presentations, coding workshops and a robot petting zoo with children, parents and grandparents all joining in. Everyone found NAO humanoid robot, MiRo the social robot dog, Sphero and the EZ-Robots highly entertaining, with part of the robotics presentation also including a discourse on humanoid robots and their ability to do humanlike actions.

Afterwards workshop participants got to programme NAO to tell jokes, do the Dab and have a conversation. Some participants were then keen to continue working with virtual NAO at home using their 90-day free trial of choregraphe.


While in the petting zoo children were able to experience MiRo, NAO, the EZ-Robots and Sphero by picking the robots up, patting and examining them using their senses and imaginations. Many children found it difficult to put the robots back after being introduced to these wonderful technologies! 

Last but not least The Brainary’s robots – MiRo, NAO and EZ Robot Revolution Hexapod – even got to strut their stuff on the catwalk to a captive audience!


Photos by Jeremy Kruckel

We would like to warmly thank all participants and the Wagga Wagg City Library for inviting The Brainary to present our robots at the Riverina Science Festival. 

For anyone requiring information on how they can collaborate with The Brainary for similar events please contact us on (03) 5229 2260 or info@thebrainary.com.