Robotic technology is changing the way we live, work and learn … and this is having a profound impact on how we teach, where we teach and what we teach.

To help educators with this transition Sam and Izzy showcased MiRo the social robot dog to an enthusiastic crowd of educators. Educational, social and therapy robots like MiRo are inspiring students to learn and develop the necessary coding skills for the 21st century. MiRo-E is now proving to be an invaluable asset to the latest educational technology solutions and makerspaces in schools and libraries.


MiRo-E features:

MiRo-E is an emotionally engaging biomimetic robot companion optimised for use in learning computing, research and therapy. A highly featured platform with the versatility to aid students in learning STEM and STE(A)M from the basics of programming all the way through to advanced users, producing practical applications. MiRo-E has been evolved for educational needs.

Read more about MiRo the social robot dog.


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