Transform your school’s STEM program into the ultimate space hub adventure with this EZ Robot Lunar Explorer Pack! 


EZ Robot Lunar Explorer Pack

That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”




EZ Robot Lunar Explorer Pack


As part of the anniversary celebrating 50 years since the moon landing July 20th 1969 when astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, The Brainary has created this innovative EZ Robot Lunar Explorer Pack for your school’s STEM program.


Students can program JD Humanoid as the commander, Roli as the collection robot and Hexapod as the explorer


Roli can also deliver coffee to refuel the astronauts!


Print versatile 3D parts to help the EZ Robots navigate the moon terrain and collect moon rock samples to take back to Earth!


The Story Behind EZ Robots

Originally published by Synthiam and Makezine

Build a robot for yourself and have one. Share what you know and have a million.”


So how were these versatile EZ Robots engineered by former NASA employee DJ Sures?


I set out to take everything I knew about robotics and package it into the world’s first complete integrated robot building platform.”


DJ Sures is a passionate Canadian Roboticist, CEO and Visionary. His career began as a software developer in robotics and eventually he found himself in network and cyber security, while continuing to work in parallel with robotics and AI research.


My first prototype was not going to win any beauty contests, but it worked.”


Using the controller and software, I was able to quickly hack old toys into vision processing, speech recognizing, autonomous robots.”


Flash-forward a few years later and EZ-Robots are actively shipped to over 100 countries.


The million-robot target is in our sights.”


Watch this interview with DJ Sures explaining how to print 3D parts for your EZ Robot!




What’s included in the EZ Robot Lunar Explorer Pack?


1 x EZ Robot JD Humanoid Robot – the world’s most powerful, versatile and easy-to-use desktop humanoid robot!



1 x EZ Robot Revolution Roli – Simulate Mars Rover missions or program your rover to fetch objects for you. Roli is a fun and inspiring way to learn about Rovers!



1 x EZ Robot Revolution Hexapod – Six is a great platform to customise with additional EZ-bits using Clip’n’Play technology!



2 x 2-hour Skype Training Sessions – introductory guide to programming the EZ Robots and 3D printing parts.


1 x EZ Curriculum – the curriculum is taught in context of the real world – it helps students understand the impact that robotics will have, both within the workplace and society. Any teacher can successfully and confidently teach this curriculum, with no prior robotics or programming experience.


3 x STEM Books – up to approx. $150 worth (see list below*)



Valued at $6,736 (incl. GST)


Yours for $5,499.99 (incl. GST)


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*Please choose from the following STEM titles, write your preferred three books in the checkout comments box and we will contact you to confirm the selection. 


Technology Integration and High Possibility Classrooms


Flip the System Australia



Managing Educational Technology


Putting Learning Before Technology


Young People’s Literacies in the Digital Age


Students Taking Charge in Grades K-5


Designing and Developing Robust Instructional Apps


STEM Literacies in Makerspaces


The STEM Coaching Handbook


Mobile Learning and STEM




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