The Brainary and Wyndham Tech School have been working hard to design and deliver an innovative program to schools in Melbourne’s West. The Robot Coding Challenge has students working with Wyndham Tech School and Brainary STEM facilitators. Students are learning how to program their robots to walk, talk and respond to their human’s face and voice. Sam Kingsley from the Brainary has been impressed with student’s programming skills and their resilience overcoming the challenges of remote learning.

Coding is top class!

Published in Wyndham Star Weekly 10th June 2020

Robots rock – just ask students from the west who have been participating in a coding program. The four-week Robots at Home Coding Challenge is being delivered by Wyndham Tech School, which is based at Victoria University’s Werribee campus. The Coding Challenge is the brainchild of Gail Bray, the newly-appointed Wyndham Tech School director and Victoria University Polytechnic’s general manager of learning and innovation. Read more

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are skills required for the future of work,” Ms Bray said.

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Coding is top class