We are proud to announce that The Brainary has partnered with Curtin University’s Tele Tan and Harvard University Graduate Student Alex Sugurel (pictured below with JD) to develop a suite of Autism applications for the JD humanoid robot. The project officially started on the 3rd of August and we are excited to share progress of the project along the way.

The goal of the project is to produce a suite of Autism based therapy applications that will be implemented using a JD humanoid robot. The project will combine the expertise of Curtin University’s Professor Tele Tan, Professor Sonya Girdler, Harvard University Graduate Student Alex Sugurel, Lyndale Secondary School’s Sabine Joseph, Director of STEM and The Brainary’s Managing Director Hugh Kingsley and their experience using humanoid robotics in therapy settings. Hugh is a proactive believer of giving students opportunities to participate at their own levels at real-life projects.

Tele, Sonya, Hugh, Alex and Sabine all have a passion for education and supporting students on the Autism spectrum achieve the best educational outcomes possible. All five have been working in the Autism field in different capacities. Throughout their collective experiences, they have seen first-hand the impact of humanoid robotic based therapy for students and people on the Autism spectrum.

Previously, the implementation of these therapies has been cost prohibitive and the team has identified an opportunity to create a resource that would be accessible to more people and students who are on the Autism Spectrum.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 12 months and available to the general public shortly afterwards. The suite of applications will be made available to the general public on fee for service model. Keep an eye out for further updates or contact us below for more information.


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