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‘What About Sal?’ – A New Aussie Movie

Sal is a young man with Down syndrome who lives with his dying mother and when she’s gone, Sal risks become a ward of the state. Sal’s search is a heart-warming new Aussie movie starring acting legend John Jarratt and Gerard O’Dwyer. Read more


Dr Tony Attwood – Good Mental Health for Autistic Girls and Women (taken from full video)

Excerpt from the Symposium on good mental health for autistic girls and women thanks to Yellow Ladybugs and the Victorian Government.


Help your teenager develop self-control

Self-control is the ability to make yourself do things you know you should do, even when you don’t want to. You might think of it as discipline or willpower. As adults we practice self-control on a daily basis, it’s a necessary part of being a responsible adult. Some young people are naturally disciplined and others need some parental coaching. But, self control for teens is a behaviour that can be learnt. Read more


Men’s Pastimes Could Be Sending Them Deaf

Popular hobbies such as going to the footy, car races, live music gigs and doing DIY jobs around the home may be sending Aussie men deaf – but they’re just not listening to the warning signs. This Men’s Health Week (June 11-17) Hearing Australia is urging men to take action on noise-induced hearing loss. Read more