Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova


School-based intervention reduces stigma around seeking help for mental illness

Researchers from Turning Point, Monash University and Eastern Health have developed a skills-based intervention – ‘MAKINGtheLINK’ – aimed at helping adolescents overcome barriers to seeking professional help for mental health and substance use problems, and supporting their peers. Read more


Have a goodnight: Tips for Parents of Children with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is more than a diagnosis, it’s a lifestyle. Once you hear that your child is affected by ASD, your entire world shifts in order to focus on creating the best environment for your child and their needs. Children diagnosed with autism typically require a very structured schedule in order to feel safe in their environment. This includes their bedtime routine. Read more


Helping kids identify and express feelings

Learning to identify and express feelings in a positive way helps kids develop the skills they need to manage them effectively. Here are some tips on how to encourage your child to express their feelings. Read more


CPTSD, PTSD and Intergenerational Trauma: Living In a Fight-or-flight Response and 9 Steps to Getting Out

When you suffer CPTSD or PTSD long enough, you become wired for trauma, making even the slightest upset a potential trigger. Sending you into a tailspin. A downward spiral. A fight-or-flight response. And when you experience intergenerational trauma, trauma from your ancestors that rides on the strands of your DNA, you live in a fight-or-flight response. Every day. Day after day. And it takes everything you have to get out. Read more