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Photo by Alina Vilchenko

The Incredible Importance of Developing the Vestibular Sense

I vividly remember learning about the five senses when I was child. I remember doing worksheets that seemed extremely silly because the five senses seemed so intuitive. The worksheet might’ve said something like, “Which sense are you using when you inhale the scent of a rose?” I think because it was all so obvious, I have distinct memories of learning about it in school. Read more

Why more chefs, trained by the Maggie Beer Foundation, could end up working in your local aged care facility

Much-loved SBS television cook and 2010 Senior Australian of The Year, Maggie Beer has spent almost a decade campaigning for better nutritional standards in aged care and the provision of high-quality meals that are also a pleasure to eat. Now, the fruits of her work are paying off. Read more

Stay Hearing Fit

Exercise your ears! Even though you can’t reverse your hearing loss, there are a few simple tips to help maintain and strengthen your hearing pathways. Read more

Friend or Foe? Part 1 – Supporting Autistic Girls Navigate Friendships

Empowering and up-skilling friendships for girls with autism.