Dennis Kambeitz is the featured guest on The Conspiracy Show. Dennis travels around the world speaking at education conferences and helping educators understand what they need to do to prepare our youth of the future. He talks about the millions of jobs that will be impacted by technology, and how people can set themselves up for success in the future. His approach to teaching robotics has helped thousands of students, and he has also trained hundreds of teachers – helping them understand “best practices” for teaching robotics.

His presentation, “Preparing Students For a Robotic Future” has been described as “Transformational” and “Something EVERY educator needs to hear”. This passionate educator discusses the urgent necessity to get our children involved in robotics and coding courses in preparation for the massive workforce transformation about to take place.

For example; did you know that studies show that technology may eliminate up to 45% of jobs over the coming decade – representing up to 65 million people in the USA alone?

Will your job be affected? What steps can we take to ensure that our next generation is Future-Ready?

Dennis’ innovative approach and strategies have helped educators of all levels deliver inspiring world-class robotics and programming education.

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