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ADD & ADHD Wellbeing Games Pack

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, affects around 1 in 20 children in Australia. The symptoms of ADHD may include inattention, impulsivity and over-activity, ADHD is also more common in boys.


One of the main symptoms of ADHD is inattention which may present in children struggling with completing tasks or activities. Tasks that require prolonged concentration are particularly difficult for young people with ADHD. A sign of inattention can be forgetfulness, meaning that learning and retaining information can be tricky for those with ADHD.


Impulse control and self-awareness skills are important in the development of emotionally healthy kids. However, the symptoms of ADHD can be difficult to manage and affect the social and learning development of children.


Some important skills for young people with ADHD to learn are thinking before acting, recognising consequences of impulsive behaviour, not acting on impulses, using self-talk to help combat impulsive urges and taking responsibility for actions.


There are also strategies to reduce symptoms of ADHD without sacrificing a child’s natural playfulness and sense of wonder about the world, including:


ADHD Wellbeing Pack

Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and seeking support from family and friends as well as your child’s doctor and teachers.


– Establishing structure and sticking to daily routines which include healthy activities.


– Setting clear expectations and making rules of behaviour simple. Clearly explain what will happen when rules are obeyed or broken.


– Teaching children how to make friends by assisting them to become better listeners, read peoples faces and body language and interact socially with others. There are loads of great emotional intelligence and social skills games available to improve these skills.


One of our top-selling products is The ADD & ADHD Wellbeing Games Pack which promotes positive behavior by engaging young people and children to self-regulate their behaviour. The engaging games in this pack facilitate discussion and compliment both psychological and behavioural therapies for children with ADHD. This popular pack is widely used by parents, practitioners and in school settings.


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