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Two Reasons It’s Not Good to Be Happy All the Time

Take a moment to consider what experiences, actions, and relationships make your life worth living? If you’re like most people, your answers will fall into two general categories, what psychologists call “hedonic” and “eudaimonic.” Read more

Deaf choir master inspires others to take up Auslan, with help from coronavirus and Lorde

Tallula Bourne was born deaf and did not properly hear music until she received cochlear implants at age 12. Lorde was the first pop star Ms Bourne properly heard and inspired her to embark on a career making music accessible to people of mixed hearing abilities. Read more

Osher Gunsberg on the isolation that can come with mental illness

If there’s one thing I know about mental illness, it’s progressive. And if you don’t get it looked after, it’s going to get worse. Things don’t get better by themselves. That trauma or whatever it is will drill itself down. I also want people to know they’re not alone. Read more

Building resilience in children aged 0–12: A practice guide

Beyond Blue’s Building resilience in children aged 0–12: A practice guide, assists practitioners to promote children’s resilience and highlights the best ways to help children build resilience through everyday strategies and structured interventions. It aims to create a shared understanding of children’s resilience and raise community awareness about it more broadly. Investing in children’s resilience will go a long way to preventing mental health conditions later in life. Read more