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STEM Newsletter – Term 2 – 2023

This Term we have excellent contributions from leaders in the STEM Education community and an opportunity for you to contribute to the National Robotics...

National Robotics Strategy

Australia is set to get its first ever Robotics Strategy. The Department of Industry, Science and Resources has just released a Discussion paper. ...

Knox Prep Innovation Hub entrance

eSTEAM – More than Engagement!

Achieving Purpose, Creativity and Impact through Load Reduction Instruction Sue Floro – Head of Knox Grammar Preparatory School Ian Fairhurst –...

Surprises: Exciting or Anxiety-Inducing?

  When we think of surprises, it is natural for us gravitate towards envisioning happy and positive moments such as receiving an unexpected gift...

How to Spark Joy

Joy is one of the most powerful and positive emotions we can experience. It is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness that can be triggered by a...

The Brainary Books & Games Catalogue 2023

We are excited to announce the 2023 Books and Games catalogue from The Brainary! We believe that learning should be fun, and that’s why we’ve...


Did you know, music accesses different parts of the brain than language? And so music can be used to communicate or engage with someone who has been...

STEM newsletter Term 4 2022

STEM Newsletter – Term 4 – 2022

I am excited to share with you our latest quarterly STEM newsletter. Over the last few months, we’ve been busier than ever as we take our robotics programs...

Adoption of Robotics in Schools

In the 1980s, robots appeared to be a great tool to teach robotics or other STEM subjects. Papert was then one of the leaders of this wave and he saw robotics as a perfect vehicle to propose concrete

Robotics in Space for Gippsland Tech School

The Gippsland Tech School is a high-tech learning environment, with innovative education programs linked with local industry delivering real-world learning to students.

Cover Image - STEM Newsletter T2 22

STEM Newsletter – Term 2 – 2022

I am excited to share with you a case study from one of our long-time partners, the Adelaide City Library. They’ve been leading the way with STEM Education...

A Whole-School Focus on STEAM

Brookman Primary School has become one of Western Australia’s most distinguished schools for STEM education over the past five years. An independent...

Case Study: Adelaide City Libraries

The Adelaide City Libraries began working with the Brainary in 2018. Adelaide City Libraries were looking to engage with and tap into their community’s...

iSTEM: Student Experiments in Space

The NSW Department of Education is currently overhauling the iSTEM elective for 2023. Many exciting new specialised topics are making their way into the...

The Brainary

Protected: Ned2

Meet Ned2, our new and improved 6-axis collaborative robot! Discover Ned2, our new and improved 6-axis collaborative robot based on open-source technologies...

STEM Newsletter – Term 1

This term I am excited to share with you three wonderful articles on robotics with an industry theme. Alexandra Sugurel discusses how robots are depicted...

Creating a Thriving Robotics Industry

There is a real skills shortage in robotics in Australia at the moment and it will only increase as the industry grows. In the last four years estimated...

Fact and Fiction: Bridging the Gap

Dear reader, please take a moment and picture in your mind the image of a robot. What does it look like? What does it do? I was curious what the word...

Stimulating Interest in Coding: How and Why

Sebastian Conran makes a convincing case for why Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding is the future and why STEM education needs to foster the next generation...

IoT and STEM Education

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been identified as one of the key disruptive technologies that will have a significant impact on industry, community and society.

Industry Partnerships and STEM Education

Within the context of STEM Education industry collaborations are an excellent way to drive higher student engagement, access specialised knowledge and provide career education.

Dr Wendy Jobling, Deakin University

We have a problem!

Teachers and parents are frequently reminded of the importance to the Australian economy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education at all levels, beginning in early childhood.

Integration of Robotics Education into STEM

Integration of Robotics Education in STEM

Over the past year, I have worked on integrating Robotics into areas of STEM such as Science and Mathematics. At present, I am teaching the subjects of Science, STEM and Robotics from Year 7 to 10.

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