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Remove distancing in social distancing

Fable Connect is a Danish-developed robot. With Fable Connect, you get your very own telerobot, so you can communicate in an easy and fun way with those you love, but can not be physically together with.

It can be grandparents who live far away, a parent who is on a business trip, a child who can not attend a friend’s birthday, or a sick child who can not attend school – the possibilities are many.

The Fable Connect robot provides a real presence as the visitor gets the opportunity to see, hear, look around, and talk. Being able to turn and move freely gives the visitor a phenomenal feeling of being included.

Smartphone is not included. You need to use an Android smartphone with the robot.

The best way to get your homebound children to attend school

There can be many good reasons for a child to be housebound, even though they want to be at school. Be it longtime illness, pandemics, anxiety, or simply a broken bone, these are all situations where the child might prefer to be at school. Fable Connect is the missing link in that situation. It helps children attend school from home.

The Fable Connect robot provides a real presence in the classroom, as it allows them to see, hear, look around, and speak. The long-lasting battery makes sure they’re not going to miss a thing.


Technical Specifications

Robot type: Telepresence
Modelname: Fable Connect v1.0
Mobile video call: Yes
Adjustable phone holder: Yes
Table safety mode: Yes
Modular: Yes


Driving speed (cm/s): 33
Step height up (cm): 1,5
Step height down (cm): 5
Carpet: Yes
Suitable for: Indoor


Name on the app: Fable Connect
Smartphone support: Android 8.0+
Smartphone for Robot connection: USB-C / Micro-USB
Can be controlled from: PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablets (Android/iOS)


Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Weight and measurements
Height (cm): 21
Width (cm): 15
Depth (cm): 25
Weight (g): 1100

Capacity and batter

Battery type: Lithium-ion
Battery capacity (mAh): 3300
Charging time (hours): 3
Battery life at full charge (hours): 8
Rechargeable batteries: Yes
Battery is charged with a USB charger


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review