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The Calming Clothing Company range caters for daytime and sleepwear and includes both short and long pants. Children will be comfortable all-year round. For children with sensory clothing needs. A neat white or cool black t-shirt can be worn with jeans while socialising or under a school polo. Children will feel a calming and centering effect all day long. Find US sizing chart here

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a condition that exists when sensory signals don't get organized into appropriate responses.  It can be referred to as a traffic jam that prevents certain parts of the brain from receiving the information needed to interpret sensory information correctly.

This includes vision, audition, tactile, olfactory, taste, proprioception and the vestibular system which allows us to function in the main areas of life.
People affected by SPD experience a wide range of challenges, in performing everyday tasks. Motor clumsiness, behavioural problems, anxiety, depression, school failure, and other impacts can result if the disorder is not treated effectively.

Some of the everyday challenges can include experiencing motion sickness, having difficultly to hold a pen to write and finding fabrics itchy.  Calming Clothing has been designed specifically to help children with SPD to feel comfortable in the clothing they wear. Calming Clothing Company is an Australian owned company and all garments are produced in Australia. Sizing Chart in Centimetres here

Calming Clothing has been observed by parents and Occupational Therapists to have a positive, calming and centering effect on children who experience sensory processing disorder (such as those experienced by children with Autism). It has been observed to have an equally positive effect for children with low muscle tone such as those experienced by Rett Syndrome. Find Terms & Conditions here

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Thanks team @ The Brainary:

"I’ve been searching for a solution to help my highly anxious son (with both ASD & SPD) emotionally regulate. After trialling the full sleeve shirt with good results, I purchased the pants to match. I’m pleased to say, since wearing his full body ‘special powers’ suit, we have noticed a significant difference, both at Kinder and home. So much so, he is now reluctant to take off and after OT consultation, have been advised to leave on – where possible, day and night. Because of the black colour – we can usually blend in amongst everyday clothes, plus, unlike the majority of other calming clothing garments on the market, it’s primarily made from a natural breathable fabric, cotton = one happy mum."

C. Smith. Melbourne

The cotton tops and pants can be worn as
undergarments, night wear or casual wear.
They are designed to fit snuggly, providing
children with a feeling of security and body
awareness, which in turn creates a calming effect.
Seams and tags are sewn on the outside to
assist with comfort.
Calming Clothing is a patented design, made
from a premium combed cotton and Lycra blend
and is machine washable.
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