Calming Clothing

The Calming Clothing Company range caters for daytime and sleepwear and includes both short and long pants. Children will be comfortable all-year round. For children with sensory clothing needs. A neat white or cool black t-shirt can be worn with jeans while socialising or under a school polo. Children will feel a calming and centering effect all day long.

Thanks team @ The Brainary.

"I’ve been searching for a solution to help my highly anxious son (with both ASD & SPD) emotionally regulate. After trialling the full sleeve shirt with good results, I purchased the pants to match. I’m pleased to say, since wearing his full body ‘special powers’ suit, we have noticed a significant difference, both at Kinder and home. So much so, he is now reluctant to take off and after OT consultation, have been advised to leave on – where possible, day and night. Because of the black colour – we can usually blend in amongst everyday clothes, plus, unlike the majority of other calming clothing garments on the market, it’s primarily made from a natural breathable fabric, cotton = one happy mum."

C. Smith. Melbourne