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101 Activities for Increasing Focus & Motivation

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Practical, creative and adaptable ideas that will help to explore the issues behind lack of focus and motivation in children and young people

Many young people struggle with their levels of motivation and an inability to focus on tasks, whether complex or simple, both in school or at home. They lack the skills to concentrate and devise solutions to problems, which can also lead to a disproportionate reaction to failure.

These activities provide a practical means of exploring the issues behind lack of focus and motivation and will help to create more organised, self-aware young people who are better equipped to the challenges they encounter in daily life.


  • Increasing attention
  • Being organised
  • Increasing calm
  • Boosting performance
  • Procrastination
  • Dealing with failure
  • Problem solving
  • Fighting boredom
  • Increasing self-esteem.

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