A World Of Environments Colouring Book

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With 11 beautiful spreads to colour in, you’ll be searching the lightless world of a Pacific Ocean abyss to find the perfect home for a spider crab, or discovering just how high up into the rainforest canopy howler monkeys might climb. You’ll find out where fennec foxes go to stay cool in the sweltering Sahara, how the mudskipper got it’s name, which turtles love to live in the wetlands of the Everglades and what camouflaged creatures live in the Arctic.

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SKU: 9781922388049 - 12 Category: Ages: 13 - 18 Illustrator: James Gulliver Hancock Publisher: AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC Page count: 32 ISBN: 9781922388049 Publish date: 27th October, 2020