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ADHD and Autism Executive Thinking Pack for Teens

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Teens with executive skills deficits can be frustratingly disorganized, distractible, forgetful, and moody—leaving worried parents torn between micromanaging and throwing up their hands. Parents of teens who have difficulties with time management, self-control, and other executive skills and mental health professionals and educators will find this pack an invaluable tool.

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Product overview

The ADHD and Autism Executive Thinking Pack for Teens includes:

Smart but Scattered Teens: The ‘Executive Skills’ Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential – This positive guide gives parents step-by-step strategies for promoting teens’ independence by helping them get organized, stay focused, and control their impulses.

Smart but Scattered–and Stalled: 10 Steps to Help Young Adults Use Their Executive Skills to Set Goals, Make a Plan, and Successfully Leave the Nest – Living at home can be a lifesaver for 20-somethings struggling to make it on their own–but it can also feel like a dead end. This compassionate book presents a 10-step plan for parents and grown kids to work through together. It combines a focus on executive skills (like planning, organization, and time management) with powerful tools for clarifying strengths and goals, staying motivated, and figuring out what kind of parental support is productive–and how much is too much.

Autism and Independence – Independence is something all teens seek. They hope and dream they will someday maximize all they can do on their own. This is no less true for teenagers with autism.

ADHD in Teens & Young Adults – Dealing with ADHD-related difficulties is tough, especially for young people balancing school, friends, family and thinking about their futures. Author Dr. Melissa Springstead Cahill developed the mindfulness-based ANCHORED approach, to help teens become more focused, functional and happy, and make every day struggles easier to deal with.

Age: Teens and Young Adults