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Aged Care Dementia Pack

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A diagnosis of dementia changes the ways people engage with each other – for those living with dementia, as well their families, caregivers, friends, health professionals, neighbours, shopkeepers and the community. These resources include accounts of people living with dementia, families, and carers, giving the reader a unique insight into the disease.

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The Aged Care Dementia Pack includes:


Textbook of Dementia Care An Integrated Approach, 1st Edition – gives an overview of dementia care at a level appropriate to health and social care students, as well as providing an update to experienced practitioners. Authors come from a variety of backgrounds including nursing, psychiatry, medicine, psychology and allied health professions.

The Living Well with Dementia Course: A Workbook for Facilitators will be an indispensable guide to providing support to people after they have received a dementia diagnosis. The workbook provides facilitators with a realistic but positive approach to helping people with dementia understand and adjust to their condition, helping them to live as well as possible. This workbook outlines the Living Well with Dementia course, a post-diagnostic course for people who have recently received a diagnosis of dementia. Its session-by-session structure, along with e-resources including handouts for course participants, will help facilitators provide a realistic but positive approach to support after a diagnosis. Aimed at facilitators, and drawing on the authors’ many years of clinical and research experience, The Living Well with Dementia Course workbook will be of great assistance to healthcare professionals and support workers in many different settings, including specialist NHS dementia services, primary care services and the voluntary and community sector.


The Essential Dementia Care Handbook A Good Practice Guide, 1st Edition – draws together many new ideas and practical approaches from a wide variety of professionals working at the leading edge of the provision of services to people with dementia and provides a comprehensive account of current best practice. Beginning with the diagnosis of dementia and other problems associated with ageing, this book considers assessment, the person-centred model of dementia, rehabilitation and therapy.