AI and Developing Human Intelligence

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Future Learning and Educational Innovation

As the relationship between AI machines and humans develops, we ask what it will mean to be an intelligent learner in an emerging, socio-dynamic learningscape. The need for a new global view of intelligence and education is the core discussion of this future-focussed collection of ideas, questions, and activities for learners to explore.

This fascinating guide offers activities to understand what needs to be changed in our educations systems and our view of intelligence. As well as exploring AI, HI, the future of learning and caring for all learners, this book addresses fundamental questions such as:

  • How do we educate ourselves for an increasingly uncertain future?
  • What is the purpose of intelligence?
  • How can a curriculum focussing on human curiosity and creativity be created?
  • Who are we and what are we becoming?
  • What will we invent now that AI exists?

AI and Developing Human Intelligence will interest you, inform you, and empower your understanding of “intelligence” and where we are going on the next part of our journey in understanding what it is to be human now and tomorrow.

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SKU: 9780367404888 - 88 Category: Ages: 13 - 18 Author: John Senior, Éva Gyarmathy Publisher: Routledge Page count: 264 ISBN: 9780367404888 Publish date: 17th September, 2021