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Becoming Autistic

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How Technology is Altering the Minds of the Next Generation

In this provocative and informative book, Drs Rachael Sharman and Michael C. Nagel take the reader on a journey where nature and nurture intersect.

Becoming Autistic reflects the concerns of the authors and numerous neuroscientists around the world that environmental impacts, like too much screen time and the lack of socialisation, have neurological consequences on the developing brain.

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SKU: 9781922607140 - 27 Category: NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 13-18 Author: Rachael Sharman & Dr Michael C. Nagel Publisher: Amba Press Page count: 152 ISBN: 9781922607140 Publish date: 13th April, 2022

Product overview

The consequences of developmental changes in young people due to screen use are increasingly being expressed as psychological and behavioural changes that very much resemble known disorders such as autism spectrum disorder.

This important book explores the pervasive impact of technology on the developing brains of young people. It raises questions regarding the trajectory of a generation that may be underdeveloped in aspects of interpersonal skills. Importantly, the authors offer practical ideas for ideas for correcting and changing the current course for many young people, so that subsequent generations can reshape the social norms and expectations of society and set new standards for a healthier outlook.