Blob School

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Blob School is an educational resource designed specifically for one of the main purchasers of the Blobs  –  teachers! This practical resource aims to cover all the key areas of school life so that teachers, assistants, school workers, pupils and parents can reflect upon a wide range of contexts and issues which occur throughout the school year.

SKU: 9781909301382 - 88 Category: Ages: 6-12 Author: Pip Wilson, Ian Long Illustrator: Publisher: Routledge Page count: 126 Edition: 1st Edition ISBN: 9781909301382 Publish date: 6th June, 2015

Product overview

The book includes 47 images which can be projected upon an Interactive White Board or photocopied for whole class or small group discussion. The Blobs are simple. They deal with deep issues using the primary languages we learn from infancy  –  feelings and body language. This is why they are used with children as young as 4, all the way through to the elderly.

Without words, the Blobs can be interpreted in a hundred different ways. There is no right and wrong about the Blobs, which is very important. A leader who uses them in a ‘one way of reading them only way’ will find that the rest of their group become very frustrated in discussions. Each picture is a means to a conversation, rather than a problem to be solved or a message to be agreed upon.