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Building Strong Character Pack

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Character education challenges students to think about important character issues, using positive psychology to encourage students to do the right thing. The character strengths discussed in this pack range from kindness, self-control, forgiveness, modesty, leadership, and social intelligence. Students learn what good – and bad ­– character means in terms of the quality of their relationships with family, friends and adults at school.

The aim of the Building Strong Character Pack is to build on existing character strengths with these fun and engaging activities.

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Product overview

The pack includes:

Using Positive Psychology to Enhance Student Achievement: A schools-based programme for character education – Positive psychology, properly understood and applied, offers a tremendous opportunity for improving student and teacher experiences and the overall success of any school.

Character Challenge – is a board game specifically designed to challenge students to think critically about important character issues. They will learn what constitutes good character (and bad character) and what character means in terms of the quality of relationships with family, friends, and adults at school.

Play-2-Learn Dominoes – Character Strength – is a fun game based on the concepts of the new field of positive psychology; it is designed to build strong character in children. The character strengths emphasised in this game are kindness, self-control, forgiveness, modesty, leadership, and social intelligence.

Activities to Help Young People Build Character – Focus on character building with activities which cover target setting, learning character/behaviour, self-discipline, assessing situations, nurturing and much more.

Character Quilting – The pioneer women of long ago knew the value of raising kids of character. This easy-to-use resource guide will provide you with creative lesson plans and resources that build kids of character on a foundation of virtues. Ideas for integration in language arts, reading, math, music, art, writing, social studies, and character education are given throughout the pages of this handbook.

Grades: 2-8