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Bullying and Safety Fans Pack

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This set of fans helps children to deal with bullying and identify safety risks. It also provides examples for children to help them express pain.


  • Bullying Fan – What can I do about being bullied?
  • Bullying Fan – Supporting a friend who is being bullied
  • Danger Alert Fan
  • Staying Safe Stranger Danger Fan
  • I Hurt Fan
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Product overview

Pack includes:

Bullying Fan – What can I do about being bullied?

  • Children may have low self esteem and confidence when they have to face bullies. This fan is designed to a child to make their own decisions and stand up against bullying.

Bullying Fan – Supporting a friend who is being bullied

  • Simple strategies that really work with an emphasis on telling an adult. It’s not easy to support friends who are being bullied. Loyalties are called into question and the child may not know who to turn to for advice or feel responsible for the child in question. This fan supports a friend of someone who is being bullied by giving sound advice and guidance in a very simple format. Great for use in conjunction with ‘buddy systems’ you may already have in place.

Danger Alert Fan

  • The fan uses a red front petal to indicate danger with simple symbols illustrating key dangers, such as ‘sharp’ or ‘hot’ along with instructions including ‘NO’ and ‘STOP’.

Staying Safe Stranger Danger Fan

  • The fan looks at playing out, not accepting gifts or sweets, not accepting lifts, don’t hug a stranger (specifically requested by a customer who’s son on the autism spectrum does not understand who to be affectionate to), don’t play in dark or lonely places, internet safety, run and tell and tell a trusted adult. The illustrations are cheerful little characters and you will be seeing more of these as we are starting to create a whole range of resources using these cartoons. Keep an eye out for our new social stories and more fans.

I Hurt Fan

  • This fan is a simple tool to help children tell you where it hurts and how much it hurts. This fan can be used in many different situations at home, in childcare, at school and health settings. One mum reported that her daughter was now able to tell her teacher that she had a tight chest when she was feeling asthmatic. Previously she had no way to express how she felt.