C-Pen Reader 2: Reading Support Dyslexia Pen


With C-Pen Reader 2 you are an independent reader, able to read any printed text on your own. Scan full paragraphs or single words and listen to the text being read out automatically.

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Product overview

Definitions of words are just a few clicks away with the C-Pen Reader 2. If you get stuck on a word, listen to it being read out, and access the explanation of the word – read out aloud to you – with just a few click.

It is well proven that multi-sensory learning is far more efficient than single-sensory learning. Listen to word or paragraphs being read out to you while at the same time visually following along on the screen or in the textbook – and learn faster.

A well proven memorization technique is spaced repetition. The on-pen Practice function let you practice words you have found especially difficult lately. Spend a few minutes at the end of the day and practice pronunciation and understanding. C-Pen Reader 2 automatically spaces your repetition by allowing you to practice <today’s word>, <this week’s words>.

Improvements over C-Pen Reader:

  • Semi graphical user interface for improved accessibility.
  • More powerful CPU and more memory.
  • Latest AI based embedded OCR technology.
  • Faster speech for improved productivity. Still supporting lower pace reading with pauses and programmable delay.
  • Audio Boost feature, making it easier to use in various environments.
  • Improved accessibility of word definitions.
  • NEW: Practice recent words – pronunciation and definitions.

Ideal for those with vision impairments, reading difficulties such as dyslexia, or learning English as a second language.

C-Pen Reader 2 C-Pen Reader 2