Chemical Dependency Treatment

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SKU: 9781138970236 - 88 Categories: , , , NDIS approved: Yes Author: MCVINNEY Publisher: Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9781138970236 Publish date: 10/07/2016

Product overview

The most revolutionary, humanistic guide to counteracting chemical dependency on the market, Chemical Dependency Treatment: Innovative Group Approaches presents group models of intervention with substance using and chemically dependent clients across the continuum of care. In it, you’ll find strategies that will help you engineer your own effective group interventions at different stages of the treatment process. Taking into account the ravaging nature of addiction and the rampant spread of AIDS, this book gives you the sensitivity and skills necessary to seek out the earliest possible healing for your beloved family and friends.

In Chemical Dependency Treatment, you’ll build upon existing literature on the subject of group work within the chemical dependency field. In doing so, you’ll glean your own individualized expertise from this excellent collection of essays and qualify yourself to orchestrate compassionate and holistic chemical dependency interventions. You’ll get detailed information about:

  • early community-based intervention for injected drug use (IDU)
  • the transition from inpatient to outpatient status for chemically dependent clients
  • psychoeducational help for chemically dependent gays and lesbians
  • strategies for hospital-based early recovery groups for HIV-infected inner-city clients
  • treatment during the early phases of outpatient therapy
  • outpatient group psychotherapy with cluster-B personality disordered men
  • multiple oppression in group psychotherapy

    If you know someone who is chemically dependent, or if you’re interested in becoming more informed about what your family or community can do to quell the epidemic of chemical dependency, Chemical Dependency Treatment will put you on the sure pathway to a more caring, more immediate group intervention.