Colourful Semantics: A Resource for Developing Children’s Spoken and Written Language Skills

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A Resource for Developing Children’s Spoken and Written Language Skills

This comprehensive resource pack, developed in conjunction with education staff, draws on the principles of Alison Bryan’s original Colourful Semantics approach to provide professionals with an engaging, dynamic way to support children’s language development.

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SKU: 9780367210502 - 66 Categories: , NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 6 - 12 Author: NHS Forth Valley Publisher: Speechmark Page count: 272 ISBN: 9780367210502 Publish date: 2nd June, 2020

Product overview

By coding sentences using colour, symbols and signs, this visual approach aims to:

  • Teach understanding of question words
  • Develop vocabulary and increase sentence complexity
  • Increase range and complexity of verbs. Children with delayed or disordered spoken language skills often overuse simple verbs such as do, go or get)
  • Improve children’s written language skills

This practical resource consists of three parts: a printed book containing ready-made session plan ideas, black and white vocabulary cards and worksheets; an online version using the current Colourful Semantics colour coding system, and an online version using the colour coding system used by Speech and Language Therapists from NHS Forth Valley.

This is an essential pack for teachers and professionals looking to work on language development with children aged four to nine. The flexible session plans can be used with individuals, small groups and whole classes. It can also be easily adapted by Speech and Language Therapists, teachers and other practitioners.



“Although Colourful Semantics is a highly valued and useful approach to developing children’s language skills, one of the disadvantages has always been the time it takes to find and prepare the materials. This is the main advantage of this comprehensive resource pack. Everything needed is provided in the pack itself or via the online resource portal which will undoubtedly save precious time. Everything can be easily adapted for different ages and abilities too, adding to its value. It is also the first resource that provides session plans and step-by-step instructions, this is extremely valuable for busy practitioners.” – Alexis DoyleChild Language Teaching and Therapy


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