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Early Years Teaching STEM Pack

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This fantastic STEM pack encourages young children to relate ideas of number, shape, size and pattern to everyday contexts, stories and experiences, improve confidence, increase understanding and develop their desire to engage with maths. It also explains how children’s natural inquisitiveness and curiosity can be harnessed to increase early understanding of scientific concepts, and so lay the foundations for future learning about the living world.

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Product overview

The Early Years Teaching STEM Pack includes:

Teaching Science and Technology in the Early Years (3–7) 3rd Edition – celebrates young children’s amazing capabilities as scientists, designers and technologists. Research-based yet practical and accessible, it demonstrates how scientific designing and making activities are natural to young children and have the potential for contributing to all aspects of their learning.

Exploring Maths through Stories and Rhymes Active Learning in the Early Years, 1st Edition – packed with tried-and-tested activities which draw on popular stories and rhymes, and use everyday materials and objects to help young children develop their understanding and enjoyment of mathematical concepts.

Emerging Biology in the Early Years How Young Children Learn about the Living World, 1st Edition – chapters provide key information on the physical environment, including weather phenomena and soils, plants, animals, and human development, and prioritise the child’s perspective to offer activities which are in line with their natural development, thereby provoking discussion, problem-solving, and child-led investigation.

Age: 3-7