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Emotional Problem Solving Using Stories, Drama & Play

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Help children to explore their emotions through creative storytelling and dramatic play.

Many children suffer from anxiety owing to family or school-based worries. More serious problems such as trauma or neglect lead to attachment issues or separation anxiety. Creative storytelling helps address many problems, as symbolism allows emotional connection and increases empathy. Children identify with the feelings of characters as stories develop and feel empowered to find their own solutions. Through play, children learn to manage relationships and regulate emotions. As issues are resolved though play and drama, they learn problem-solving skills which can be transferred to other contexts.

Includes clear guidelines for creating stories and dramatic play for individuals and groups, as well as case studies and theory.

Themes include:

Stories: Rejection; Self-control; Concentration; Parental illness; Domestic disputes. Dramas: Step-families; Bullying; Friendships; Siblings; Cooperation.

Invaluable for all teachers, counsellors and carers helping children with relationships and learning.

182pp A4 paperback

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