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Emotional Resilience Fans Pack

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This set of fans helps children to understand their feelings and recognise emotions in others. It also provides solutions to dealing with worry, anger and anxiety.


  • Worry Fan – Tell someone you feel worried
  • Worry Fan – What can I do when I feel worried
  • Emotions Face Fan
  • I Feel Expressions Fan
  • What I Can Do When I Feel Angry Fan
  • What Can I do to Calm Down Fan
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SKU: 230622 - 104 Categories: , NDIS approved: Yes Ages: 0 - 5

Product overview

Pack includes:

Worry Fan – Tell someone you feel worried

  • Many children experience worry and anxiety; perhaps the child is being bullied, or worried about their homework or even concerned about something in their home life. If these worries are held in and not expressed it can lead to mental health issues and even depression. Use this fan to empower children to tell you how they are feeling and work through their worries. Use a marker or biro to write your own thoughts on the “what could I do?” petals.

Worry Fan – What can I do when I feel worried

  • When a child feels worried or anxious it can become overwhelming. The worry grows and if not supported the child can become withdrawn and possibly depressed. This worry fan helps children to decide what to do about their worry. It provides simple ideas in an easily presented way and reminds them that the worry may not be so bad after all.

Emotions Face Fan

  • Used as a visual aid for children who have communication difficulties or with English as a Foreign language, this single 10 petal fan has colourful emotion faces representing a variety of emotions.

I Feel Expressions Fan

  • Use this visual communication symbols fan to help children identify their own and others’ feelings. Useful to use after incidents, during social stories or when discussing emotions in circle times.

What I Can Do When I Feel Angry Fan

  • This fan is a useful tool to support children and give them options to behave appropriately when they feel angry. If we constantly say ‘no’ or stop a child from displaying how they feel then we are putting a lid on top of a pressure cooker and eventually children may want to explode with poor or inappropriate behaviour. This fan helps children to know what they can do when they feel angry. It is tool to help them work through and focus on the suggestions that most suit the child’s environment or setting.

What Can I do to Calm Down Fan

  • 9 ideas to help children and young people recognise how they manage their own emotions by undertaking their own calming techniques. Children often revert to poor or unacceptable behaviour when they do not know how to self manage their emotions.


Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point.

This item is not a toy and should be used under supervision.