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ESL Early Years Visual Symbols Fans Pack

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In this selection of communication fans there are over 140 symbols designed to support younger children who haven English a second language or difficulties communicating.

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SKU: 210423 - 104 Category: Ages: 0 - 5

Product overview

Over 90% of children are visual learners, yet we use our voices far too much especially for those who find communication hard or have English as a second language. This kit works towards the child’s strengths and reinforces messages by using visual aids. Symbols use the internationally known Widgit symbols system.

Over 140 useful picture symbols on 14 individual fans each to support children in any Early Years setting. Can also be used with any child who is a visual learner.

Use to support children understand instructions, help during transition, praise children and support understanding of appropriate behaviour. Help children to tell you how they are feeling, or what they need or want. This is a comprehensive range of symbols that will support the children to understand what is being said. Really good to stop children feeling frustrated and unable to communicate.


  • Positive Praise
    • Give children praise for behaviour you would like repeated
  • Positive Social Rules
    • Encourage understanding by offering positive rules
  • I Feel
    • Help children identify expressions and what feelings they represent
  • Bathroom Routine
    • Provide easy to understand visuals for key activities we all need to do in the bathroom
  • Early Years Instructions
    • Support young children’s understanding of instructions that are used in Early Years settings every day
  • Early Years Activities
    • Support young children’s understanding of what is going to happen next, or to choose their own early years activities
  • Emotions Face
    • Help children identify how they are feeling and empathise with others’ emotions
  • Let’s Play
    • Give children a voice by choosing their own play activity
  • Everyday Instructions
    • Provide easy to understand instructions for everyday use
  • Helpful Instructions
    • Support children’s understanding of helpful instructions that are used in school every day
  • I Hurt
    • Give individuals the ability to tell you where it hurts
  • Danger Alert
    • Support an individual’s understanding of key danger points
  • Snack
    • Help children to choose their own snack and to illustrate their preferences
  • Time to go out
    • Support going out transition with simple visual symbols