Essentials of Gifted Assessment

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An Up-to-Date Overview of the Theory and Practice Underlying Gifted Assessment

Essentials of Gifted Assessment introduces readers to the theory and practice underlying gifted assessment. Steven Pfeiffer, a leading expert in the field of gifted assessment, discusses what it means to be gifted, why we should identify gifted students, and the purposes of gifted assessment.

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SKU: 9781118589205 - 116 Categories: , Ages: 13 - 18 Author: Steven I. Pfeiffer Publisher: Wiley Page count: 192 ISBN: 9781118589205 Publish date: April 2015

Product overview

Well-organized and engaging, the book examines key principles of gifted assessment and provides an up-to-date overview of gifted assessment measures. Topics include the use of local norms, measuring creativity and motivation, nonverbal measures, the importance of recurring gifted assessment, multi-potentiality, gifted testing and minority group students, and evaluating the twice-exceptional student. Early identification and intervention greatly benefits gifted students, who may otherwise never realize their full potential. Throughout the book, Pfeiffer equips school psychologists with the tools they need to:

  • Identify and assess uniquely bright and talented students
  • Integrate multiple assessment measures including intelligence, cognitive ability, and achievement tests
  • Assess gifted students with coexisting disabilities and disorders
  • Promote the abilities of gifted students using evidence-based strategies

The book also includes extensive illustrative material, such as callout boxes and case examples, that facilitate use as a quick reference, plus end-of-chapter “Test Yourself” questions that help reinforce key concepts. Essentials of Gifted Assessment helps new and seasoned school psychologists and other professionals acquire the skills and knowledge needed for ethical, evidence-based, and informed clinical practice with high-ability students.


STEVEN I. PFEIFFER, PHD, is a licensed psychologist and Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the combined School Psychology and Counseling Psychology program at Florida State University. An authority on the psychology of giftedness, he is the lead author of the Gifted Rating Scales, a widely used measure to help identify gifted students published by Pearson Assessment. Previously, Dr. Pfeiffer served as Executive Director of Duke University’s acclaimed precollegiate gifted program.