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Exploring Theory of Mind with Children & Young People on the Autism Spectrum

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Practical activities to help autistic young people to manage frustration through decoding social situations and seeing both sides of a story.

Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability to understand that other people may hold beliefs that differ from our own, and that these beliefs may sometimes be incorrect.

Children and young people on the autism spectrum live with a great deal of frustration as they find negotiating social situations a minefield and frequently experience the world around them as unfair. This is often due to an inability to use Theory of Mind to decode these social interactions, and the motivations and thoughts of others.

In this book, ten stories about Bryn’s daily experiences are each told twice, from two different viewpoints. The accompanying activities and worksheets will enable discussion and exploration of the themes of each story, and a closing ‘Coda’ offers resolution and reassurance with the help of the Wise Dog, Max.

Includes an accessible explanation of Theory of Mind; photocopiable stories, activities and illustrated worksheets for use with younger children, adolescents and groups.

Ideal for use as a training resource for parents, teachers and others who work with young people with autism.

130pp A4 paperback

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